It is a complete Restriction Management software that will help you regain control of your entire supply chain environment.

Feel, adapt and react faster to today's complex and volatile world, and track the performance of your system at a glance.

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Flow CMS has two modules with the functionality to capitalize on existing data and generate ideas and solutions to offer the best results for the company. It is a powerful business solution that helps organizations with actions to Build, Capitalize and Sustain a Decisive Competitive Advantage that is based on operational and logistical skill.

Flow CMS is not forecast-based, but rather analyzes consumption patterns in real time, using existing raw data to calculate and react quickly.

It was designed to be easy to use and learn, with minimal training and configuration, it supports data visualizations and powerful formulas, each designed to make planning and execution activities more effective.
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Plan your production and execute your plan, while managing your resources. Most manufacturing companies would argue that delivery times are typically longer than expected, that on-time delivery performance could be significantly improved, and that out-of-stock delivery is frequent. On top of that, further investigation of the production plant would likely expose a high level of Work in Process (WIP) and unnecessary finished products, strangling the cash flow.

Our solution streamlines your operations in accordance with the principles of S-DBR (Simplified Drum-Damper-String). S-DBR synchronizes daily priorities and actions according to the market, while protecting you against troublesome situations. Build a continuous and sustainable improvement process designed to reduce work in progress (WIP), increase availability and reliability, and give the organization a decisive competitive advantage.

This solution also allows your organization to release only the necessary tasks to the production floor, freeing up the burden on work centers resulting in shorter lead times of up to 50%.


Each supply chain manager will affirm that there is a constant struggle to manage inventories in the supply chain. Sufficient inventory must be maintained to avoid shortages on the one hand, and to minimize the cost of inventory on the other. However, we can't keep a high inventory system and a low inventory system at the same time, it just doesn't make sense.

The Flow CMS Supply Chain solution is based on real market demand in real time. Rather than wasting time and resources on forecasting, we believe in continually analyzing actual demand to meet the "Manage Availability" concept with Dynamic Inventory Buffer Management.

The main objective of inventory management is to have the best availability of all items at all points of consumption. The Restriction Management solution is based on the constant renewal of consumed stocks (pulling inventory instead of pushing), while readjusting inventory targets daily.

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Superior Supply Chain Performance 

Do you need to better link your supply chain planning methodology with business strategy? Our Constraint Management solution puts the S&OP in the driver's seat by setting scheduling parameters that resolve constraints first, and then allow production to run flexibly within those ground rules. This eliminates excess inventory and wasted time on constant re-planning.

The cloud-based Flow CMS solution provides epic changes in supply chain performance, dramatically reducing inventories and improving service levels. Our approach respects both demand and constraints to create supply and inventory strategies that easily translate to daily operations. And with SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery, this highly affordable solution can be implemented in weeks.

Demand Driven

Aligned with the real pace of the market, production and logistics operations respond faster and more reliably.

Based on Restriction Management

Algorithms and procedures based on the vast experience and knowledge of our main experts.

Holistic Approach

Our solutions take the whole picture into account, considering each part of the supply chain.

Business Intelligence

Dozens of reports for deep data analysis with the flexibility to create custom reports.

Results Oriented

Designed to help you deliver results and provide guidance, in a process of continuous improvement.


Designed to suit each user and their needs, no previous experience in information systems is required.